About Raleigh Backflow

Raleigh Backflow specializes in the installation, removal, repair, and certification of Backflow Prevention Devices. We are a certified and approved tester for all of North Carolina. Our testers work on all types and sizes of valves. They are all certified to test/repair Domestic, Fire, and Irrigation assemblies. When it comes to backflow valve work we set the pricing standard for the industry. We offer discounts on installation and annual testing of backflow valves through our service contracts. Due to our constant contact with every local cross-connection administrator and innovative, computer driven, paperwork processing methods we are able to provide all of the necessary forms to you and the city inspectors very shortly after completion of a job. We keep these forms on file in our computers to ensure that they are available should any other copy become lost.  Our job is to keep you safe and in compliance!  Trust Raleigh Backflow for your backflow needs.